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Measures for the supervision and administration of the food business network
Date:2016-03-02   Hit:   From:来自网络

 Netease news reported recently, national food drug safety administration issued the measures for the supervision and administration of the food business network, online sales food should obtain business license or registration certificate, food trade third-party platform, such as network cannot provide operator specific information must be accountable. Method in the network definition of food business, refers to the selling food via the Internet (including edible agricultural products, food additives) of business activities. Popular network management products, your circle of friends of all kinds of pastries, side dishes, snacks also within the scope of the regulation.

Food business operator shall, in accordance with the requirements, at the same time, the solution, network food business license or registration certificate, obtained may entrust others to engage in food business network. Who has not obtained a license or registration certificate shall not be engaged in food business network. Measures, to set up a website is engaged in the food business network, must be generated online inquiry and order. Contract is signed, trading service functions such as online payment; The invoice shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to consumers such as sales vouchers.